• Jasleni Brito

Releasing My Book On The Winter Solstice

Why I decided to release my poetry book "143" on the day of the winter solstice...

The winter solstice, also widely known as Yule, is the day of the year with the least amount of daylight and the longest hours of darkness.

It is a time of great spiritual significance across different cultures and religions since ancient times, and it is celebrated as such. Yet it is not the festivities, but the long hours of night that intrigue me and made me feel most connected to this date for the release of my book.

The poetry in "143" is rooted in some of my most painful experiences with heartbreak. It seemed only fitting to honor that sentiment by releasing my book on the day of the year in which there is literally the least amount of sunlight. In a way this book is an illustration of me at my lowest low, and what could be more poetic than to release my darkness into a different kind of darkness, and simply let it go.

I often think of "143" not as a poetry book that I wrote, but rather as poetry that wrote itself as a way to spare me of my pain and turn itself into something beautiful.

This book was not easy for me. It required me to open old wounds and relive memories I've long suppressed for the purpose of recalling them accurately and truly facing them so that I could allow room for healing.

My hope is that the book will be well-received and loved, and based on the feedback I've gotten thus far, I believe that will be the case. However, should this book invoke nothing in the reader, then I still feel it has served its purpose. Already, letting go of these words, removing them from my chest, and putting them on paper in the form of poetry, has opened my heart, and what more could I ask for of a debut collection?

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