• Jasleni Brito

Performing with Kim Cannon

I had been following Kim Cannon on Instagram (@kimpossiblez1) and admiring her work for years before actually meeting her in person. I was drawn to her colorful, mixed media profile packed with handcrafted goods and uplifting content.

To my surprise, Kim reached messaged me on Instagram one day and asked me to design her logo which I was absolutely thrilled to do. Since then, we've worked on other projects, and most recently she invited me open for her and share my poetry at her One Woman Show. I had the pleasure going to her previous show over the Summer, so participating in her upcoming performance was an opportunity I could not pass.

Kim's show is hilariously authentic and heart-felt. While humorous, it also touches upon painful subjects as she shares stories from her life.

I'll admit I was nervous about sharing my poems and dipping my toes in the world of Spoken Word poetry but I am happy to announce, the anticipation was the worst part. The performance actually went quite well and as always, it was a pleasure to watch Kim bring her stories to life through the power of words and performance.

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