• Jasleni Brito

I'm done Procrastinating!

I have been wanting to self-publish my poetry 143" for over a year. I created the illustrations, edited it, started promoting it, but simply haven't made that final push to get it out. Why?

I think I've been afraid of calling myself a writer, of the honesty in the poetry, and of venturing out of my art and graphic design and into something new. Well, no more.

With everything going on, the COVID19 pandemic, the expansion of my business, and my other studies, I decided to add even more to plate and signed up for the Writing From the Womb (WFW) workshop with The Writing Mifwife, also known as La Santera!

WFW is a workshop series designed to push writers to connect to the heart of their story. WFW focuses on your writing goals, setting clear intentions and hard deadlines. Using writing prompts and lectures on craft Alicia gently pushes you to dive deeper, dig, and really live inside of your story. The womb is a sacred place. The womb is the place where we conceive and give birth to an idea, a dream, a song or a story. The womb is where the heart of our story resides and where we hold our truths and together we will write from this place. It is her privilege to be your Writing Midwife! For writers at all levels / Cross genres (This workshop is inclusive of all genders and open to the public). This workshop is made possible by Dominican Writers. 

So far we've only had our first class and it's already kicking my butt! But I am super excited (and only a little bit terrified) about allowing these new teachings to shape me into a better writer. During this course, my fellow classmates and I will all be focusing on our own individual projects. My aim is to use this time to FINALLY PUBLISH MY BOOK! I'm giving myself five weeks for any additional editing, and 4 weeks for promoting and figuring out the whole self publishing process. My official book release date is Dec. 21, 2020!

I'm saying it out loud, and setting it in stone so that there is no turning back. I want to get this book out, let go of my need of perfectionism, let go of all the pain within those pages, and start the year 2021 with new ventures, outside of all the heartbreak contained in my book "143."

During the WFW workshop, other writers from different backgrounds and experience level will be reading my work and providing me feedback. This will be a very new experience for me but I am looking forward to the critique whether they enjoy the book or not. Of course, I want to produce a strong collection of poetry but I am also not as concerned about making it perfect, that is what has held me back for so long and I don't want to procrastinate anymore.

Wish me luck as work with The Writing Midwife, give birth to my first book, and open myself up to new creative pursuits.

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