• Jasleni Brito

Editing My Book

In preparation for self-publishing my book I've been doing a lot of research and the ONE thing EVERYONE agrees on is the importance of hiring an editor for your book. I've been reading self-publishing articles, watching YouTube videos, and speaking to other industry professionals and "get yourself an editor" has been the most consistent piece of advice I've gotten.

To be honest, my intention was not to get an editor because I didn't really see the need. I figured editing can get expensive, and I felt confident doing my own editing. I have to say I AM SO GRATEFUL I decided to take everyone's advice.

I've actually been working with Daniela Sylmae! While Daniela is primarily a fantasy writer, she's also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things writing-related, and I couldn't be happier with her input.

So what was the editing process like?

Daniela took my book and completely tore it apart. She went word by word, line by line, and challenged me to really consider my word choices, and challenged me to get that much closer to finding my voice. She asked me a lot of triggering questions that made me realize all the holes in my book, and the pieces of my story that were missing. I learned that I was using a lot of "filler" words like "like, and, then, so...". I learned that I was being unnecessarily repetitive while at the same time holding back from what I really wanted to say.

I loved that Daniela was tough, honest, and patient with me while I soaked in all of her notes. By the time I was done going through her feedback, I actually cut out a bunch of poems and wrote new ones. I detached myself from lines that I felt were strong but weren't serving my book for the better.

My advice to you: do whatever everyone told me. If you're writing a book get yourself a knowledgeable editor who can help you see the things you're not seeing. An good editor will not rewrite your book for you, or pave the way for you to do things exactly the way they want it done. A good editor instead will point you in the right direction, and be unafraid to pinpoint the gaps in the book, while encouraging you to push forward.

Now that my book is officially written and edited, I am working on my book cover and I am so excited. Watch out for updates about my poetry book titled 143!

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