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My name is Jasleni Brito. Most people know me as a designer/artist or as a singer, but most do not know that my interests also stretch into the realm of creative writing.

I am currently working on a poetry book titled "143" which will be available for purchase on Dec. 21st, 2020. In the meantime, I created this blog to encourage myself to write more. Through this platform I aim to sharpen my writing skills, get real life feedback, connect with like-minded folks, and give my writing a happier place to live besides my old and neglected notebooks. 

Join me on my writing journey, follow me on social media, comment on my posts, and let's see where this new chapter takes us...


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About Me

My name is Jasleni Brito, most people know me as a designer/artist or as a singer, but most do not know that...


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